Controversy Surrounds Meghan Markle’s Luxury Branding Ventures: Allegations of Exploitation

Meghan Markle’s swift actions towards establishing her luxury brand have raised eyebrows, with some experts accusing her of exploiting her ties to Prince Harry’s family.

Renowned royal author and commentator, Tom Bower, recently voiced concerns regarding Prince Harry’s involvement in Markle’s endeavors. In a recent piece for The Daily Mail, Bower criticized the couple’s approach, stating, “I’m relieved the Queen didn’t live to witness her grandson’s upcoming memoir, ‘Spare,’ or witness Harry allowing his wife to exploit his family connections.”

Bower’s commentary delved into the timing of Markle’s business moves, which coincided with sensitive moments such as Princess Diana’s cancer diagnosis. He questioned the haste in launching projects like the American Riviera Orchard, especially given the absence of a designated chief executive to oversee operations.

Highlighting the lack of foundational structure in Markle’s initiatives, Bower pondered whether her eagerness to launch overshadowed the need for a competent team. He concluded by emphasizing the challenges faced by Prince William and the royal family, grappling with Markle’s relentless drive and ambition.

The narrative surrounding Markle’s business pursuits continues to evolve, raising questions about her intentions and the impact on Prince Harry’s familial ties.”

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