Watch Interview: Student Mahnoor Cheema with higher IQ than Einstein and Hawking calls for more aid

Mahnoor Cheema, a 17-year-old student from Slough, who possesses an extraordinary IQ of 161, is raising awareness about the challenges faced by gifted pupils in receiving adequate support within the education system. Cheema, who is currently undertaking a staggering 28 A-Level subjects, sheds light on the struggles she has encountered due to the lack of resources tailored to her exceptional abilities.

Reflecting on her journey, Cheema recalls her transition to the British education system at the age of nine after relocating from Pakistan. Despite her evident academic prowess, she encountered resistance from her school, which initially denied her the opportunity to advance to a higher year level. This initial setback highlights a systemic issue wherein institutions often fail to accommodate the unique needs of gifted students like Cheema.

In her advocacy efforts, Cheema emphasizes the importance of providing tailored support and resources to gifted pupils, acknowledging the difficulty teachers face in adequately catering to their advanced learning requirements. She stresses the significance of fostering an environment that nurtures the talents of gifted students, enabling them to reach their full potential without encountering unnecessary obstacles.

Cheema’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the need for educational reforms to ensure that all students, regardless of their level of ability, receive the support and opportunities they deserve to thrive academically. As she continues her academic pursuits, Cheema remains committed to advocating for greater awareness and support for gifted pupils within the education system.