Jon Bon Jovi Opens Up About Vocal Cord Struggles and Journey to Rediscover Joy

Jon Bon Jovi has finally opened up about his struggles with vocal cord issues that led to a major reconstructive surgery. In the new Hulu docuseries “Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story,” the renowned singer delves into the vocal problem that surfaced during the band’s 2022 tour.

Detailing that one of his vocal cords had atrophied, the singer-songwriter announced his decision to undergo significant medialization surgery. However, it was only recently that the 62-year-old guitarist disclosed how he first learned about the severity of the situation.

In an interview with People magazine, Jon shared that it was his wife who confronted him with the harsh reality. Reflecting on a 2022 Nashville show where he felt he had given his all to the crowd, he admitted feeling blindsided when his wife revealed her honest assessment of his performance.

“It was devastating, but there’s no one better than her to tell me the truth,” Jon acknowledged, coming to terms with the possibility that he might not be able to embark on extensive tours anymore.

Despite the setback, Jon remained resilient. With the guidance of vocal coaches, he is gearing up for his comeback with his 16th album, “Forever,” slated for release in June.

“The thing that brought me so much joy had been taken away. But joy is something you have to work at, right?” Jon remarked, channeling his emotions into his upcoming album, which he describes as a journey toward rediscovering joy.

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