Revolutionizing Racing: JK Tyre and RPPL Partner for Indian Racing Festival 2024

Racing Promotions Private Limited (RPPL), spearheaded by Hyderabad’s own Akhilesh Reddy, is gearing up to host the electrifying Indian Racing Festival in collaboration with JK Tyre, a pioneer in diversifying motorsport cultures across India. This monumental alliance marks a watershed moment in Indian motor-racing history, uniting two titans to elevate the sport to unprecedented heights. The Indian Racing Festival 2024, featuring the Indian Racing League (IRL), the FIA-backed Indian F4 Championship, and the JK Tyre FMSCI National Racing Championship (JKNRC), is poised to launch later this year, promising an adrenaline-fueled spectacle across five rounds for each class, encompassing over ten races throughout the season.

In a strategic move to promote motorsport, the organizers plan to roll out captivating roadshows nationwide. The season commenced in grandeur with a dazzling promotional showcase in Srinagar, in collaboration with Jammu & Kashmir Tourism, against the breathtaking backdrop of Dal Lake.

Srinagar, often hailed as the ‘paradise on earth,’ with its unparalleled natural splendor and rich cultural heritage, provided an idyllic setting for spectators to get a sneak peek of the forthcoming season. RPPL and JK Tyre tantalized the audience with a display of the Wolf GB08 and Formula 4 cars, driven by rising motorsport stars such as Sohil Shah, Rishon Rajeev, and Shriya Lohia. As the engines roared along the 1.6 km stretch of Dal Lake, crowds from all walks of life converged to witness the heart-pounding action against the majestic backdrop of mountains and glistening waters.

The event also paid homage to JK Tyre’s legacy as pioneers of the domestic racing scene, showcasing a diverse array of motorsport categories. From captivating drift shows by India’s drifting champion Sanam Sekhon to adrenaline-fueled displays by superbike daredevils, the event celebrated the seamless harmony between man and machine. The spotlight, however, shone brightest on the 10-year-old karting prodigies from Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, and Chennai, who pushed the boundaries at speeds reaching 120 km/hr, delivering excitement beyond the confines of the racetrack.

Akhilesh Reddy, Chairman of Racing Promotions Private Limited, expressed gratitude to the Jammu & Kashmir Tourism Department for their support in bringing the show to fruition in Srinagar. He emphasized the event’s significance in inspiring the youth of J&K to engage with motorsport, offering them a glimpse into the industry and fostering aspirations for a future in the field.

Sanjay Sharma, Head-Motorsport at JK Tyre & Industries, lauded the opportunity to bring the pinnacle of Indian motorsport to Srinagar. He highlighted the collaboration’s role in ushering Indian motorsport into a new era, combining the strengths of the JK Tyre National Racing Championship and RPPL’s Indian Racing Festival to propel local talent onto the global stage.

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