Meet Police Officer Fu Zai: The Corgi Making History as a Police Dog in China

In a heartwarming story from the eastern Chinese city of Weifang, Shandong, a new recruit has joined the police force, making headlines around the world. What sets this recruit apart? Well, it’s not just any ordinary officer—it’s Fu Zai, a corgi!

Reported by Xinhua, Fu Zai’s induction into the police force marks a significant milestone, as he may be the first of his breed to join the ranks of law enforcement. At just six months old, Fu Zai is already breaking stereotypes about corgis, particularly regarding their suitability for police work due to their short legs.

Despite his diminutive stature, Fu Zai is proving himself to be a valuable asset to the force, particularly in detecting explosives. His training regimen, which began at the tender age of two months, includes a range of tasks such as obedience exercises, bomb searches, and scent tracking.

Wang Yanan, head of the police dog base at the Weifang public security bureau, emphasized Fu Zai’s unique qualities that make him well-suited for police work. His adaptability to different environments, lack of sensitivity, penchant for possessing items, and love for food all contribute to his effectiveness in training.

Fu Zai’s short height also offers advantages in his role, allowing him to assist officers in identifying objects hidden beneath vehicles and in narrow spaces. Additionally, his adorable appearance serves to enhance public interaction with the police, fostering positive community relations.

While Fu Zai still has further drills to undergo before officially commencing his duties, his presence symbolizes the dedication of trainers and the commitment of law enforcement to utilize all available resources, regardless of size or breed. As Wang Yanan aptly puts it, “Police dogs are not only cute, but trainers have done a lot of work and gone to a lot of effort to train them to be professional.”

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