Upcoming Film’Article 370′ Yami Gautam’s Response to ‘Propaganda’ Criticism

Yami Gautam has firmly responded to critics dubbing the upcoming film “Article 370” as mere propaganda. Scheduled for release this month, just ahead of the 2024 Indian general election, the movie revolves around the government’s efforts to abolish Article 370. Gautam, the lead actress, dismisses the need to defend the film to those with preconceived notions, stating, “If someone is labeling it as propaganda or chest-thumping, you’ll never appreciate the film if you enter the theater with such biases. This film is made for the majority of the audience, not to justify to a minority with fixed ideas.”

Addressing similar concerns, director Aditya Dhar, during the trailer launch, downplayed the notion that the film serves as political leverage for the ruling government. He emphasized that the government’s endeavors, such as the construction of the Ram Mandir, demonstrate their commitment to larger agendas and electoral success. Dhar highlighted that the timing for the film’s release was decided long ago, and any connection to the election timeline is incidental.

Dhar further expressed indifference towards critics labeling his films as propaganda, asserting that the audience discerns the true intent behind a film. He emphasized his commitment to the authenticity of his storytelling and indicated that as long as his intentions remain pure, he is unfazed by agenda-driven criticism.”Article 370″ is set to hit the screens on February 23, with its creators steadfast in their conviction about the film’s purpose and integrity.