Indian Army Fortifies Punjab Border Surveillance with Drishti-10 Drones from AdDefence

Boosting surveillance along the Punjab border, the Indian Army is set to deploy Drishti-10 drones, developed by AdDefence, at a forward base. Expected to join the force in the next two to three months, these drones are a strategic move to enhance security and monitoring capabilities.

Under emergency provisions, the Indian Army has ordered two Drishti-10 drones from AdDefence, adhering to the stipulation that over 60% of the systems should be indigenous, aligning with the ‘Make in India’ in Defence initiative.

Military officials shared plans to deploy these drones in the Punjab sector, providing extensive coverage of the desert sector and areas north of Punjab. This move aligns with the Indian Army’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its reconnaissance capabilities.

Already operating Heron Mark 1 and Mark 2 drones, the Indian Army’s recent procurement of Drishti-10/Hermes-900 drones demonstrates its commitment to advanced technology. The unveiling ceremony, conducted in Hyderabad, featured Indian Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar and Director General Army Aviation Lt Gen Ajay Suri.

Furthermore, the Indian Navy is set to position these drones in Porbandar for maritime boundary surveillance with Pakistan and monitoring the high seas. The BiRa drones, known for their extended flight duration of over 30 hours and a range covering 2,000 km, mark a significant advancement in India’s defense capabilities.