Christy Carlson Romano Declines Collaboration with ‘Quiet on Set’ Documentary Team

Former Disney Channel star Christy Carlson Romano has revealed that she refused to work with the team behind “Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV.”In a preview of the Tuesday, April 16 episode of Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown obtained by Entertainment Weekly, Romano, known for her roles in “Even Stevens” and as the voice of Kim Possible, discussed her stance on the documentary makers.

Referring to them as “outsiders” and “people who don’t belong to our community,” Romano expressed skepticism about their ability to address industry issues effectively. “Maybe if they knew where to put money towards [fixing] a problem, they would,” she remarked.

She further criticized their approach as “trauma tourism,” suggesting they were exploiting rather than addressing the challenges faced by child actors.

While Romano acknowledged previous interest from Investigation Discovery for a similar project, she stated that she had chosen not to participate. “I don’t know if it was this doc [Quiet on Set], but I was approached when I first started advocating three years ago for my own YouTube channel with my own experiences,” she explained.

Despite interest from various reality show producers, Romano emphasized her focus on discussing solutions rather than exploiting trauma. “The only way we would do this is if we talk about how do we fix it?” she stated.

Romano admitted to not watching “Quiet on Set,” citing its triggering nature. “It’s extremely triggering,” she commented.

The actress’s reluctance to participate highlights ongoing concerns about how the entertainment industry addresses the challenges faced by child actors, particularly regarding exploitation and trauma.

As a prominent figure in children’s television, Romano’s perspective adds to the ongoing conversation surrounding the treatment of young performers in the industry.

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