Bushra Bibi’s Spokesperson Alleges Contamination of Food with “Toilet Cleaner” Leading to Health Deterioration

Mashal Yousafzai, spokesperson for Bushra Bibi, alleged on Thursday that her Iftar meal on Shab e Barat, February 24, was contaminated with two to three drops of “toilet cleaner,” resulting in a deterioration of her health. Yousafzai made these claims during an appearance on Geo News’ “Geo Pakistan” program, asserting that Bushra’s health had been declining since consuming the tainted food.

Yousafzai further highlighted concerns regarding Bushra Bibi’s health, noting that prior to her detainment, she had no existing health issues such as blood pressure or diabetes. However, since her arrest, her health has significantly worsened, prompting suspicion.

Despite court directives for medical examinations, Yousafzai questioned why Bushra’s tests had not been conducted promptly, raising doubts about potential interference. She emphasized the necessity of conducting thorough blood tests to ascertain any presence of poison.

Yousafzai also recounted a recent episode where Bushra experienced chest pain and an abnormal ECG reading, underscoring delays in receiving medical attention due to bureaucratic hurdles.

She argued that Bushra Bibi’s situation differs from past political detentions, as she is primarily a homemaker rather than a politician, insinuating that she is being targeted solely because of her association with the PTI founder.

Contrary to these claims, a recent medical evaluation supervised by Khan’s family physician at a private hospital concluded that Bushra Bibi was in good health, despite her refusal to undergo certain tests. The hospital’s medical team cleared her of any serious health concerns, attributing her symptoms to a minor gastric issue.

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