Bushra Ansari EXPLODES in Epic Rant over Shoaib Malik’s Wedding – You Won’t Believe What She Said!

Bushra Ansari has strongly expressed her views on the excessive interest surrounding the marriage of Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed. The seasoned actor criticized intrusive reporters and curious fans in a recent video.

In the aftermath of cricketer Shoaib Malik’s announcement of his marriage to actor Sana Javed, social media erupted with a flurry of questions, comments, and memes. Responding to the chaos, Bushra Ansari took to a four-minute video rant to address the immoderate curiosity of the public and the relentless inquiries from reporters.

In the video, Ansari voiced her frustration over the numerous calls she received from people and television channels seeking her opinion on the news. With a touch of sarcasm, she questioned whether Shoaib Malik was her classmate, if she had a childhood friendship with Sana Javed, or if she was part of their family. Asserting the absurdity of such questions, she asked, “Why should I answer these stupid questions?” and expressed her annoyance at people’s behavior.

Ansari emphasized the need for privacy in personal lives, stating that individuals have no right to interfere in the affairs of others. She likened the situation to a gossip mill rather than social media. Recounting a particularly persistent reporter who called her mobile phone, messaged her on WhatsApp, and even resorted to a landline, Ansari revealed her frustration with the incessant inquiries about the Malik-Javed wedding. She warned the reporter against making such calls and asserted her disapproval.

The actor drew attention to the contrasting priorities, noting that while actor Talat Hussain was unwell, no one had inquired about his health. Instead, the public seemed consumed by the wedding news, bombarding Ansari with calls from various cities. Criticizing the misplaced focus on celebrity lives amid pressing national issues like unemployment and hunger, Ansari urged people to reconsider their priorities.

Addressing the double standards on social media, Ansari called out netizens for their tendency to criticize certain actions while engaging in gossip themselves. She directed media personnel to refrain from intruding into personal lives and instead focus on entertaining and educating the public with positive content.

In conclusion, Ansari congratulated the newly-married couple and advised them to protect themselves from the unnecessary chatter surrounding their marriage.