Bryan Cranston Reveals Matthew Broderick Was Almost Cast as Walter White in Breaking Bad

Consider Walter White without Bryan Cranston—this scenario almost became a reality if Matthew Broderick had been finalized for the role.

Sharing the shocker on James Corden’s SiriusXM show “This Life of Mine,” Emmy winner Cranston revealed that the 62-year-old Broderick was initially considered for the well-known character.

“We shot the pilot of ‘Breaking Bad’ in February and March of 2007,” Cranston said. “Had ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ gone an eighth season, we wouldn’t be sitting here right now. Or you’d be sitting here, but you’d be talking to Matthew Broderick or someone else who played Walter White instead of me.”

He continued, “Broderick was being considered, but it came to me because [creator and showrunner] Vince Gilligan said, ‘No, he’s the guy,’” pointing to Cranston. “I needed a champion in my corner.”

Walter White played a huge role in Cranston’s career, as he previously opened up about it.

“No, I actually don’t miss playing Walter White,” Cranston said, adding, “The reason is because it was such a complete experience for me. It was a very rich, rewarding beginning, middle, and end. We came to a conclusion, and we laughed, and we cried, and we hugged each other. And we went our separate ways.”

He told Fox News Digital, “I’d like to just have it left in that kind of fond memory, as opposed to reopening something.”

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