The Role of ‘Baba Vlogs’ in Mohammed Asfan’s Tragic Journey: Deception Leading to Death in Ukraine War

Mohammed Asfan, a 30-year-old native of Hyderabad, met an untimely demise, entangled in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The Indian Embassy in Moscow disclosed that Asfan was ensnared into participating in Russia’s military endeavors, months before his demise, under false pretenses.

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, approximately 20 Indian nationals are engaged as support personnel for the Russian army. Asfan, along with two compatriots, embarked on this ill-fated journey to Russia in November, lured by promises of employment opportunities within Russian government circles.

The last conversation Asfan had with his family transpired on December 31, preceding the heart-wrenching notification of his demise. “We have learnt about the tragic death of an Indian national Shri Mohammed Asfan. We are in touch with the family and Russian authorities. Mission will make efforts to send his mortal remains to India,” conveyed the embassy in a post on X.

Who was Mohammed Asfan?
Before his unfortunate involvement in the conflict, Asfan was employed in a cloth showroom in Hyderabad.

His family revealed to NDTV the deceit orchestrated by a Dubai-based agent, operating under the guise of a YouTube persona named ‘Baba Vlogs’, promising lucrative job prospects in Russia through his channel.

Having extorted ₹ 3 lakh from each individual, the agent assured them positions as security personnel in Russia. However, upon arrival in Moscow, Asfan and his companions were coerced into signing Russian documents, only to discover later that they were enlisted as “helpers” for the Russian army, as recounted by Asfan’s brother Imran.

Imran further disclosed that one of the agents, culpable for Asfan’s predicament, recently contacted him, alleging the cancellation of Asfan’s contract. He further claimed Asfan sustained injuries but was not deceased.

The grim news of Asfan’s demise reached his family through AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, who had communicated with External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar regarding the exploitation of men from various Indian states, coerced into participating in the conflict under the guise of promising employment opportunities in Russia.”

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