Insiders Reveal Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber’s Relationship Struggles Amidst Their Differences

Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber, despite being long-time partners, reportedly have very different personalities.According to a source close to In Touch Weekly, the couple embodies the concept of “opposites attract,” but they are not blind to their differences.

An insider revealed, “This is not a match made in heaven,” adding that “it’s starting to dawn on Austin that Kaia doesn’t take her so-called ‘career’ nearly as seriously as he does.”Kaia, a fashion mogul, comes from a wealthy and influential family, while the Dune star, Austin, has more modest beginnings.

Highlighting their contrasting backgrounds, the source stated, “Kaia is from a different world than Austin, who had to fight for everything he has and prove himself at every turn.”

The insider continued, “The fact that his dreams are finally coming true after years of struggle has only intensified that disconnection. Sure, they’re both ‘actors,’ but they have nothing in common, and they know it.”

This news is surprising, especially since just a week ago, another insider told People Magazine that “Kaia and Austin are going strong.”

At that time, the couple was seen enjoying a date in New York City during Memorial Day Weekend. They were photographed holding hands on their way to dinner, stopping to hug a few times before entering a club on May 24.

“They definitely looked happy and in love,” the source noted about the couple’s appearance then.

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