Brave in the Chill: Army and J&K Cable Car’s Daring Sub-Zero Rescue Mission in Gulmarg for Fallen Soldier’s Body!

Gulmarg Jan 22 : The recent incident on January 11 underscored the remarkable collaboration between the J&K Cable Car Corporation and the Indian Army, reaffirming their unwavering commitment to compassion and empathy.

Tragically, Gunner Gurpreet Singh lost his life while on operational duties at a forward post along the Line of Control. In response to an urgent request from Army authorities, Raja Yaqoob, Managing Director, and Showkat Ahmed Bhatt, Project In-charge of J&K Cable Car Services in Gulmarg, played a crucial role in the retrieval mission of Gunner Gurpreet Singh’s mortal remains from Apharwat to Gulmarg.

The J&K Cable Car Corporation demonstrated admirable efficiency and compassion by swiftly mobilizing all resources, operationalizing the cable car in sub-zero temperatures during the night.

The dignified and timely retrieval of the fallen soldier’s mortal remains at 0100hrs in Gulmarg serves as a testament to the Cable Car Team’s professionalism and unwavering dedication. This collaboration between the two organizations, renowned for their joint rescue efforts, reached a significant milestone, highlighting their ongoing commitment to mutual support and solidarity.