Amit Shah Signals Possible AFSPA Revocation and Troop Withdrawal in Jammu and Kashmir

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has hinted at a prospective repeal of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act from Jammu and Kashmir. In an interview with Gulistan News, Shah emphasized the evolving situation in the region, indicating a potential shift in policy.

Acknowledging the improving law and order scenario, Shah affirmed the government’s commitment to considering the withdrawal of security forces. He outlined a roadmap for troop reduction, signaling a transition towards greater reliance on the Jammu and Kashmir Police.

Shah highlighted the transformation of the J&K Police into a key player in maintaining order, citing their increasing involvement in operations. He underscored the government’s efforts to bolster the capabilities of the local police force, heralding a shift in operational dynamics.

Emphasizing the ongoing process of troop withdrawal, Shah reiterated the government’s confidence in the J&K Police’s ability to handle security challenges independently. This shift marks a significant departure from previous strategies, reflecting a changing approach to governance in the region.

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