Advocate Anwar Chaudhary will Challenge Pahari Reservation in Supreme Court

Senior Advocate Anwar Chaudhary asserted on Thursday that the reservation granted to Paharis by the Lok Sabha was deemed “illegal” and would be contested in the Supreme Court.

Addressing the media in Jammu a day subsequent to the passage of the Constitution (Jammu and Kashmir) Scheduled Tribes Order (Amendment) Bill 2024 by the Lok Sabha, Advocate Anwar Chaudhary labeled the bill as “unlawful.” He affirmed that the community intends to challenge the bill in the Supreme Court.

Advocate Anwar Chaudhary emphasized, “The reservation bill for Paharis in the Lok Sabha was illegitimately passed, and we will contest it in the Supreme Court.”

He further expressed concern over the harassment faced by youth belonging to the Gujjar and Bakerwal communities recently. Chaudhary urged the government to cease such practices to prevent the alienation of the younger generation within these communities. “We urge the government of Jammu and Kashmir to halt the harassment of students from the Gujjar/Bakerwal communities. They are being obstructed from pursuing education smoothly and are repeatedly subjected to unwarranted harassment,” he remarked.

Additionally, while shedding light on the hardships endured by locals in Poonch and Rajouri, he highlighted the imposition of internet service restrictions in these twin districts, leading to chaos among the local populace. “The authorities have suspended internet services in these districts, plunging the local population into turmoil. They are grappling with immense difficulties due to the lack of internet access. We implore the government to restore these services without delay,” he concluded.