Tragedy: Taxi Accident on Jammu-Srinagar Highway 10 Dead

Ten individuals, primarily non-local passengers, met a tragic end when a taxi traveling from Jammu to Kashmir veered off the Jammu-Srinagar highway, plunging into a 300-meter deep gorge near Battery Chashma. The incident, occurring amidst heavy rainfall around midnight, prompted an urgent response from authorities, including senior police officers and rescue teams.

Despite the challenging terrain and relentless rainfall, rescue operations commenced promptly. Among the recovered bodies were the taxi driver, Balwan Singh from Jammu, and passenger Vipin Mukhiya from Bihar. The victims’ diverse backgrounds underscored the human toll of the accident, suspected to have mainly affected migrant laborers.

SSP Ramban Anuj Kumar confirmed the successful recovery and transfer of the bodies despite adverse weather conditions. However, the precise identities of all the deceased individuals remain unconfirmed, complicating ongoing rescue efforts.

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