2024 Cadillac CT4-V is Changing the Luxury Car Game Forever!

Get ready to experience the epitome of luxury and performance with the Cadillac CT4-V. This sleek and sophisticated sport sedan is engineered to thrill, boasting powerful engines, precise handling, and cutting-edge technology. Dive into a world where style meets substance, and every drive becomes an unforgettable journey.

Introducing the All-New Cadillac CT4-V: A Surprising Contender in the Luxury Sport Sedan Arena


  • Astonishingly robust base engine and optional V6 powertrain
  • Exhilarating steering and handling dynamics
  • Intuitive technology interface for seamless user experience


  • Limited rear seat space, more suitable for children or short trips with adults
  • Modest trunk capacity
  • Interior materials fall short of the opulence found in European competitors

Mileage: 18 – 23 mpg combined

Experience the Thrill of Luxury Performance
The Cadillac CT4-V stands out as an inspired sport sedan, boasting formidable power and exceptional handling capabilities. Available in two trim levels, including the more extreme CT4-V Blackwing variant, this luxury offering from Cadillac delivers a compelling driving experience at a surprisingly affordable price point. While it may not match the interior spaciousness and refinement of its European counterparts, the CT4-V caters well to discerning enthusiasts.


  • Most popular style: Blackwing Manual
  • Starting at $62,890
  • Equipped with a 3.6L V6 Turbo engine and Rear Wheel Drive
  • Estimated fuel efficiency: 15 MPG city, 23 MPG highway

A Value Proposition in Luxury Performance
In an unexpected turn, Cadillac emerges as a budget-friendly luxury alternative with the 2024 Cadillac CT4-V. This sport sedan holds its own against European rivals in terms of performance while offering a more accessible price tag.

The CT4-V kicks off with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine generating an impressive 325 horsepower from its compact 2.7-liter displacement. Paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission, this powertrain delivers exhilarating performance, complemented by aggressive suspension tuning and high-performance tires. For those craving an extra dose of excitement, the CT4-V Blackwing steps up the game with a twin-turbocharged V6 engine churning out 472 hp, coupled with a six-speed manual transmission. With the Blackwing, acceleration from zero to 60 mph takes approximately 4 seconds, as confirmed by independent testers. Enhanced braking capabilities, along with larger wheels and tires, further elevate the Blackwing’s prowess, positioning it as a formidable competitor among elite sport sedans.

While the front seats offer ample comfort for daily driving, the rear seats are best suited for children or short rides with adults due to limited legroom. Trunk space is modest compared to rivals in its class. Cadillac’s user-friendly touchscreen interface enhances the driving experience, although the display size falls short of industry standards. Although the cabin design exudes a modern aesthetic, the presence of plastic trim and other lower-quality materials detracts from the sophistication expected in European luxury interiors.

Competing in a league that includes the Audi S4, Mercedes-AMG C 43, and BMW M340i, the standard CT4-V holds its ground with impressive performance and an attractive price point. Meanwhile, the CT4-V Blackwing sets its sights on the BMW M3, showcasing remarkable capabilities despite minor refinements compared to its European counterparts. In essence, while the Cadillac CT4-V may not achieve the pinnacle of refinement seen in its competitors, its combination of price and performance establishes it as a formidable contender in the luxury sport sedan segment.