Pakistani Court imposed 1 Billion 57 Crore 40 Lakhs Fine in Tosha Khana Case on Imran Khan

The PTI founder, addressing the judge, questioned the rush, expressing dissatisfaction at being summoned merely to appear. Frustrated by the perceived injustice, the PTI founder stormed out of the courtroom.

Despite requesting time for his lawyers, the founder’s plea was rejected by Judge Muhammad Bashir, who proceeded with the proceedings. Subsequently, the judge conveyed a message to Imran Khan through the jail superintendent, urging his presence in court to conclude the proceedings. However, Imran Khan declined the invitation. Consequently, Judge Muhammad Bashir delivered a swift verdict in the Tosha Khana case.

Upon Imran Khan’s eventual appearance in court, Judge Muhammad Bashir handed down a 14-year imprisonment sentence with hard labor, along with a fine of 1 billion 57 crore 40 lakhs. Additionally, the PTI founder was disqualified for 10 years. In connection to the Tosha Khana case, the PTI founder was fined 787 million rupees, and the same amount was imposed on Bushra Bibi.