Victoria Beckham’s Grandmother Dream: Encouraging Brooklyn and Nicola to Start a Family

Victoria Beckham is eagerly anticipating the next chapter of her life, with reports surfacing that she’s encouraging her son Brooklyn Beckham and daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz to start a family. The singer-turned-fashion-designer, now 50, is keen on embracing the role of grandma.

Sources reveal that Victoria has been playfully nudging Nicola about the joys of parenthood, dropping subtle hints as she eagerly awaits grandchildren. However, Nicola, known for her aspirations in acting despite a rough start with her directorial debut, isn’t quite ready to dive into parenthood just yet.

“She’s not opposed to the idea of having kids, both biological and adopted, but she’s taking her time,” the insider shared. “Victoria may be ready, but Nicola feels she has other dreams to chase before embracing motherhood.”

The tension around family matters seemed evident when Nicola opted to skip Victoria’s lavish 50th birthday celebration, choosing instead to spend quality time with her grandmother. While Brooklyn joined the Beckham clan for the festivities, Nicola expressed her love and regrets through a heartfelt Instagram post.

The snapshot of the Beckham family reunion showcased the absence of Nicola, highlighting the complexities of blending into one of Britain’s most famous families. Despite the distance, Nicola’s message conveyed warmth and affection, bridging the gap caused by her absence from the star-studded event.

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