Tragic Twist of Fate: Heroic Soldier Abdul Majid’s Heartbreaking Promise Ends in a Coffin

In a tragic turn of events, Havildar Abdul Majid, who valiantly sacrificed his life battling Pakistan-sponsored terrorists in the Rajouri jungles of Rajouri district, is now back home, not as promised but in a somber coffin. Abdul Majid, one of the five brave soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice, dedicated his last moments to ensuring the safety of the nation.

The 15-year-old son of Abdul Majid expresses his aspiration to follow in his father’s footsteps, eager to join the Army and continue the legacy of serving the nation. Reflecting on his father’s advice, he shares, “Whenever father would visit home, he would ask me to pay attention to my health and maintain a fit physique. He would say, ‘I am in the Army, and you must gear up to serve the nation similarly.'”

Abdul Majid’s family, left behind to bear the weight of his absence, includes a father, two sons, a daughter, and his wife. His father expresses pride in the sacrifice his son made in the line of duty, residing in the Ajot hamlet between the zero-line and border fencing along the LoC.

Uncle Mohmmad Yousef, retired from the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry (JKLI), takes pride in his nephew’s martyrdom, emphasizing their family’s deep-rooted connection to military service. He states, “We are a family of soldiers living on the LoC to defend the nation. We have 30 to 40 family members who are serving or have retired from the Indian Army.”

The pain of loss is not new to Abdul Majid’s family, as his brother, a soldier of the JKLI, also attained martyrdom in 2017 in the Bhimber Gali area of Poonch. With a strong military legacy, the family expresses readiness to lay down their lives for the nation.

The community gathered to support Majid’s family in their time of grief, highlighting the pride they feel in his sacrifice. Majid’s wife recounts the heartbreaking moments when she learned about her husband’s injury in an encounter. Just a day before, he had assured her of his imminent visit home.

The call for justice resonates not only within the family but among fellow villagers, demanding that Pakistan face exemplary punishment for orchestrating repeated attacks. Among those who fell in the recent encounter are Captain MV Pranjal, Captain Shubham, Havaldar Abdul Majid, and Lance Naik Sanjay Bist, all of whom bravely faced off against top Lashkar-e-Taiba commanders in the Bajimaal area of Dharmsal belt, Rajouri district.

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