Royal Jam: Meghan Markle’s Unconventional Product Display Sparks Debate

Meghan Markle’s latest venture into the world of product branding has stirred up some curiosity among fans. The Duchess of Sussex recently unveiled her debut offering under the label American Riviera Orchard: a jar of strawberry jam. However, her choice to present the jam nestled among a bed of lemons has left some scratching their heads.

Taking to social media platform X, one user questioned the unconventional display, asking why strawberries weren’t used instead of lemons. “Why photograph strawberry jam in a basket of lemons? Why wouldn’t you use strawberries?” they pondered.

Similarly, user @TheWoolPainter expressed confusion over the choice, suggesting that showcasing the jam with fresh strawberries would better hint at its contents, freshness, and authenticity.

Another voice chimed in, humorously suggesting that lemon curd might have been a more fitting choice for the lemon-filled basket. “Who puts strawberry jam in a basket of lemons? Surely that should be lemon curd? Marketing is not Meghan’s forte,” they quipped.

This discussion arises amid reports indicating Meghan Markle’s reluctance to return to the UK. Royal author Tom Quinn revealed to Mirror, “It will be a long time before Meghan reappears in the UK – she has already publicly stated that she will not return to the UK, and her friends insist she is still furious at the way she feels she was treated during her time in Britain.”

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