Putin Drives Kim Jong Un in Limousine, Strengthening Russia-North Korea Ties

A viral video showcases Russian President Vladimir Putin driving North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a Russian-built Aurus limousine, highlighting the strengthening ties between the two nations. Released by Russian state TV, the footage shows Putin at the wheel of his official presidential car with Kim in the passenger seat. The two leaders are seen chatting and laughing as they drive through a manicured park.

During their meeting, Putin and Kim took turns driving and shared a jovial conversation. After the drive, they were shown walking and chatting in a wooded area. Reports indicate that Putin first gifted Kim a Russian-built limousine in February and has now gifted him another. Kim, an automobile enthusiast, now possesses at least two of these vehicles.

The Aurus Senat, inspired by the Soviet-era ZIL limousine, is Russia’s official presidential car. Putin previously showed Kim one of these vehicles during Kim’s visit to Russia in September last year.

Kim’s extensive collection of luxury foreign cars, likely smuggled into North Korea due to U.N. sanctions, includes a Maybach limousine, several Mercedes models, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, and a Lexus SUV.

In return for the limousine, Kim gifted Putin a pair of Pungsan dogs, a local North Korean breed. The two leaders were seen bonding over animals, with Kim feeding carrots to a horse while Putin patted it. Additionally, they signed an agreement to deepen military cooperation, including a mutual defense pledge, with Kim referring to the new relationship as an “alliance.”

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