Prince William and Prince Harry Recall Humorous Banter Over Snoring Habits During Military Training

Prince William and Prince Harry once engaged in a playful banter over their sleeping habits. During their 20s, while training at the Defence Helicopter Flying School near RAF Shropshire, William disclosed that Harry’s snoring kept him awake at night.

“First time, last time we’ll be living together – I assure you of that,” Harry quipped, to which William responded, “It’s been a fairly emotional experience.” In the interview, William revealed his younger brother’s annoying habit.

“He snores a lot too. He keeps me up all night,” said William, to which Harry jokingly replied, “Well done, they’ll think we’re sharing a bed.”

“No, we’re not sharing – it’s very important we say that!” William clarified with a laugh.

Prince Harry left the Royal Family in 2020 alongside his wife Meghan Markle and their son, Prince Archie. The couple later accused the Royal Family of exhibiting racism towards their son and publicly aired their grievances on television. Harry and Meghan now reside in California, where they have also welcomed their daughter, Princess Lilibet.

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