Prince Harry Unlikely to Reconcile with Royal Family Due to Meghan Markle’s Influence, Claims Expert

A royal expert has asserted that Prince Harry will never apologise to his father, King Charles, his brother, Prince William, or other estranged members of the royal family due to his wife, Meghan Markle.

Dee Dee Dunleavy, a royal expert, has claimed that the Duchess of Sussex “will never allow” Harry to reconcile with the royals. Speaking to Sky News, Dunleavy stated, “[Harry] is not going to apologise, at least not while he is still with Meghan. I really do believe he does her bidding and she is never going to allow him to apologise to the family.”

Previously, the Daily Express UK reported that the California-based royal couple are expecting an apology, as are senior members of the royal family. An insider was quoted saying, “It’s got to the point now where both sides can’t see where they’ve gone wrong and there’s no meeting in the middle. It’s a stalemate.”

The insider continued, “Harry is more willing to move on, let’s just say that. It’s not a case of Meghan being difficult, she genuinely feels hurt and would like some kind of sit down to hash things through – but that’s not something the other side is willing to consider at this time.”

Amid financial troubles, Meghan Markle has expressed her wish to seek help from King Charles despite their departure from the royal family in 2020. According to a recent report by Heat Magazine, the Duchess of Sussex is preparing to launch her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard’s products. She believes celebrity endorsements, particularly from the monarch, would significantly boost her sales.

A source close to Meghan revealed that she considers it “mutually beneficial” if Charles were to endorse her products. The source added that Meghan has been urging Prince Harry to contact his father, but he remains reluctant due to their prolonged feud and Charles’ recent snub in the UK.

“Meghan would do it herself, but Harry’s going to have a much better chance of getting the answer that way, so it really has to be done by him,” the insider explained. They added, “In her view, there’s no reason he shouldn’t get some support from within the Firm to boost their business ventures – after all, he’s still the King’s son.”

However, the insider noted it is highly improbable that Charles would support Meghan, as this would mean Buckingham Palace officially promoting American Riviera Orchard products, which they deem “highly unlikely and potentially awkward.”

It is worth mentioning that Meghan has made it clear on several occasions that she wants nothing to do with the royal family. Her biographer, Omid Scobie, has even claimed that she would never return to the UK to meet the royals.

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