Prince Harry Advised to Avoid Royal Feud in Potential Memoir Sequel

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has been cautioned to steer clear of reigniting the Royal Family feud if he decides to pen a sequel to his explosive memoir, Spare.

When Spare was released in early 2023, it captivated readers worldwide with Harry’s revelations of feeling like a secondary figure within the Royal Family.

Now, renowned celebrity ghostwriter Joshua Lisec advises that any future memoir should steer away from family controversies. In an interview with The Mirror, Lisec questioned Harry’s intentions for a potential follow-up memoir.

“The question is, what does he want to be known for? Does he want his legacy to be family melodrama?” Lisec asked. “Revisiting Royal Family conflicts or manufacturing new drama seems unwise.”

Lisec suggested that Harry could take inspiration from President John F. Kennedy’s book Profiles in Courage, which highlighted stories of courageous US senators. This approach could help Harry shape his public image positively.

“The aim of Kennedy’s book was to elevate his national profile and align himself with esteemed figures. Harry could similarly craft his narrative to emphasize his courage,” Lisec explained.

Expanding on this idea, Lisec proposed that Harry could write a memoir-style collection titled Spares, focusing on the stories of second sons and daughters in the Royal lineage throughout history. This, according to Lisec, could offer a unique and engaging perspective without delving into personal family drama.

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