Orry Awatramani Joins Justin Bieber on Stage at Ambani-Merchant Sangeet Ceremony

Orry Awatramani turned heads alongside Justin Bieber at the Ambani-Merchant sangeet ceremony.

During Justin’s performance of his iconic track “Baby,” Orry energetically joined him on stage, singing alongside the pop icon himself.Adding a touch of humour to the event, Bollywood stars Varun Dhawan and Ananya Panday engaged in playful banter.

Known for her candid remarks, Ananya couldn’t resist commenting on Orry’s lively presence, asking, “Why are you shouting at him?” This sparked a light-hearted exchange when Varun chimed in, praising Orry’s performance with a playful remark, “I think you outdid him.” Orry responded with playful emojis, “@varundvn thoughts (cross mark emoji) facts (check mark button emoji).”

Notably, Justin Bieber, who was reportedly paid 10 million dollars for his performance, shared glimpses of his time at the sangeet.On Instagram, he posted clips and photos showcasing his celebration with Orry and other guests.

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