Meghan Markle’s Reliability Pool Reportedly Shrinking Amid Hollywood Ambitions

Meghan Markle’s pool of reliability is reportedly starting to become less and less to rely on.PR Specialist Kayley Cornelius made these revelations public during her interview with Express UK.

There she touched base on Meghan Markle’s future plans, and warned she will soon be calling in a number of favors for her Hollywood dream.This is in regards to her rebranding of the Archetypes podcast, which is slated to see some headway from her Suits co-stars.

She started by saying, “While Meghan’s contact list may not have completely diminished, she will certainly have a smaller pool to rely on.”“Initially, we might expect her to call in favours from her remaining friends and work through their networks.”

“For instance, long-term friend Priyanka Chopra, who did not feature on ‘Archetypes,’ could be among the first names Meghan considers,” she explained.

And “Other potential guests could include friends from her ‘Suits’ days, such as Abigail Spencer and Wendell Pierce, who likely remain accessible points of contact for Meghan.”

For those unversed, the Archetypes rebrand is slated to begin sometime in 2025 because Lemonada Media ‘does not want to compete’ with the Duchess’ other projects this year, including her Netflix affiliations. 

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