Meghan Markle’s Popularity Declined After Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle’s Popularity Decline After Marrying Prince Harry, Claims Actor,Meghan Markle, who was once seen as the people’s princess, reportedly became particularly unpopular after marrying Prince Harry in 2018, according to an actor.

Loose Women’s Denise Welch commented: “I think there was racism involved in it, of course there was, like when Princess Diana was with Dodi Fayed.”

She added: “The same sort of thing, they don’t want [it]. I’m not saying this is the actual family, I’m saying the people who look after the royal family. The men in grey suits and everything, they probably didn’t like this at all.”

Denise Welch further emphasised to the Express: “She was in those rooms before she married Harry.””She was a young woman of colour speaking out for women of colour and equality for women from a very young age.”

“She was on the stage talking for the United Nations, she went all over the place speaking on behalf of those issues. So, although there was an elevated status given to her as a Princess, she still was in those rooms.”

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