Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department Invites Indian Cricket Team to Celebrate T20 World Cup Victory in kashmir

The Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department has extended a warm invitation to the Indian cricket team, encouraging them to celebrate their recent T20 World Cup victory in the picturesque region, often referred to as the Crown of Incredible India.

The department expressed immense pride and excitement about the prospect of hosting the champions, emphasizing the region’s unique cultural and natural beauty.

In a post on X, J&K Tourism Department said, “Congratulations to Team India on winning the T20 World Cup 2024!! We welcome our champions to visit Jammu and Kashmir to continue the celebrations! It would be an honour to host you in the Crown of Incredible India.”

India’s triumph in the T20 World Cup marks the end of an 11-year ICC trophy drought, with their last win being the Champions Trophy in 2013. Impressively, India secured the title without a single defeat.

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