Israeli Airstrikes Kill at Least 43 in Gaza, Adding to Rising Death Toll

Health officials in Gaza reported that Israeli airstrikes on Saturday killed at least 43 people in the territory’s north, according to Wafa news agency, following the deaths of 22 people in shelling that also damaged the International Committee of the Red Cross office, Al Jazeera reported.

These strikes in Gaza City have added to a death toll of at least 138 over the previous 48 hours.Dr. Mahmud Aliwa of Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City stated that his facility received 24 bodies following the strikes, with several of the injured later succumbing to their wounds.

“People were going about their business” when suddenly, “the whole area was wiped out” in an airstrike, said Abu Mahmud al-Kariri, an eyewitness in Al-Shati.Amid the devastation, men used a donkey cart to remove some of the dead in Al-Tuffah.

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