Billy Ray Cyrus Desperate to Reconnect with Miley Cyrus After Annulment

Billy Ray Cyrus is reportedly eager to reconnect with his daughter Miley Cyrus following his annulment from his wife of seven months, Firerose. Sources have revealed that the country singer’s relationship with Miley became strained after he began dating Firerose, who is only three years older than Miley, following his divorce from Tish Cyrus.

According to insiders, now that Firerose is no longer in his life, Billy is determined to mend his relationship with Miley and Tish to restore family harmony. “Billy has been missing her like crazy,” a source shared, referring to his 31-year-old daughter. “They’re not completely out of touch, but their relationship is far from what it used to be, and he’s desperate to change that.”

Billy is even prepared to apologize and make amends with Tish if that’s what it takes, despite feeling “sad” that Miley and his other children didn’t fully accept Firerose. However, he is ready to move past those feelings because reuniting his family is his top priority. “He wants to end this horrible cold war they’ve been dealing with,” the source added.

The source also mentioned that Billy frequently tries to contact Miley, but it’s challenging for him to reach her. “It’s hard for him to get her on the phone most days, which is very sad for him. She will always be his little girl, and he feels terrible that things have come to this. He tries to stay positive, but it’s really weighing on him. Never in a million years did he think that they’d be in this situation.”

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