Aamina Khataie Chosen for 2024 Global Korea Scholarship Programme at Pusan National University

Sayed Aamina Khataie from Sopore has been selected as a scholar for the 2024 Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) Programme at Pusan National University in the Republic of Korea.

This programme is sponsored by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED) under the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea. Aamina completed her schooling at MET Higher Secondary School Sopore, graduating in 2021.

Currently, she is in South Korea, completing her language year as a GKS Scholar at Pusan National University. Next year, she will commence her undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences as part of the GKS programme.

In a conversation with Greater Kashmir, Aamina described her selection as a GKS Scholar as a significant achievement and a major milestone in her academic journey and personal growth.

“I am incredibly honoured and excited to have been selected for the GKS undergraduate scholarship programme by NIIED and to attend Pusan National University. Being part of such a renowned institution will provide me with access to world-class education and resources, which I believe will greatly enhance my skills and knowledge,” she said.

Aamina emphasised that this scholarship not only acknowledges her past achievements but also motivates her to strive for excellence in her future endeavours.

“I am looking forward to immersing myself in South Korean culture, building international networks, and contributing to the academic community at Pusan National University,” she added.

Aamina believes that this opportunity is a transformative step towards achieving her long-term career goals and making a positive impact in her field.

“This scholarship will be instrumental in my academic and professional growth. Studying at Pusan National University will expose me to cutting-edge research, advanced coursework, and a diverse range of perspectives,” she said.

“As I will major in Biological Sciences, I believe PNU offers numerous opportunities in my field,” she added.

Aamina also highlighted the professional benefits of the international experience and network she will build during her time in South Korea.

“Engaging with professors, industry experts, and fellow students from around the world will broaden my horizons and open up numerous opportunities for collaboration and career advancement,” she said.

Aamina concluded by noting that the cultural immersion and language skills she will gain will enhance her ability to work in a global environment, making her a more well-rounded and competitive candidate in the job market.

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